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Lego Technic Road Train

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I'm working on a Technic-scale (about 1:17 or so) road train, specifically a side-dump B+6 twin engine mining train as shown. More on Page One and Page Three


It's ridiculously hot so I thought it would be a good idea to drag the whole thing out into the sun for a while. Mostly to try to get a similar shot of my model to the real thing as you see above. And to find out that it's 4.3m long. I should weigh it too. The cab is a hasty mock for another event, so I will be rebuilding the whole front end of the prime mover. And adding a drive system to one trailer.

At this stage the drive is a bit limited, it won't quite move the whole train on a carpet floor. But I have the b-double trailer finished and working, powered off the trailer behind it. Which is going to be an issue, as that trailer will also have two XL motors in it. So I really need to put a battery pack in the b-double I think.

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