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On the day the war officially started there was a gathering at the Sydney Town Hall. About 20000 people, wich felt small compared to the size of other peace marches at the time. Good to see the local Kurdish peace group there, as well as the Australian Labour Party (ALP) finally throwing its support behind the peace movement.

Open mic at the start of the rally Even at 4:30pm there were a couple of thousand people outside town hall. Books not Bombs - school kids. Trade union marshalls. Women in Black Starting to see some expensive, professionally made banners. Masses of people, but still being held off the road. Walter from pratyeka.org Suits Against... in this case, a particular MP. The Statue of Lawlessness. Crowd became more mixed as time went on and we took over George St. Crowd was packed, even on the other side of the road.Media reports of "as many as 2000 protestors" must have come from our Prime Minister. Blood on your hands. A wide variety of protestors turned up. Some more direct than others. They boycott French Fries, we boycott their "cultural output"... Media today have been keen to interview pro-war Iraqis. Very keen. Almost as though they want to convince us that no locals oppose the war - here's the "anti-war Kurdish community". Even Liberal voters have turned against him. Australia and Invasion: 215 years experience. Indigenous issues came up on quite a few signs. Howard the Prime Minister has refused to apolgise for the widespread murder and dispossession of the Australian Aborigines (or anything else, for that matter). Group of Iraqis with photos from the last war. Amanda Tattersall from the labour council - she's been organising a lot of this. Tim Chapman, a UTS student working for the NUS spoke really well. Angry, but who wouldn't be? Benny Zable Maire Sheehan Intense security outside Howard's office in Sydney. Note the line of union marshalls keeping the crowd away from the cops. A Weapon of Mass Transportation! And outside the US consulate. Guarding the pub. A valuable task. leaving Circular Quay after the protest There were lots of ALP banners that looked as though they've hurredly slapped a peace dove on them now that Labour have actually decided to oppse the war.
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