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Cycle Tour Ballarat to Naracourte

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I went from Melbourne to Adelaide over new year 2004, riding from Ballarat to Naracorte. Covered about 700km in two and a half weeks of riding. More details in the written journal.

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A few random shots to get you started... Me on a fully faired Trisled. Very fast, and surprisingly light. I was impressed, especially when I got hit by a bit of a wind gust and it was more stable than I expected. About 25kg I think. Map of the Ballarat to Skipton rail trail. Having a digital camera is useful for this stuff - take a photo of the map for later reference on the tail. I also photograph road signs rather than trying to remember names and distances (this will become obvious as you wander through these photos). 2003_12_24 ballarat to trawalla A blue tongued lizard that was sitting in the middle of the road. It stayed put even while I wandered about with my camera, and was still there when I left. And yes, it was alive. The walking track up to Venus Baths Not camping, just having a nap. Sonia cruising along in the heat of the day. We were getting over 30 degrees most days. camping in a camp ground. Rarely do I find road signs remarkable, but in this case I can only agree with the sentiment wholeheartedly. Cool old plough still in use. naracoorte caves Sunset from TJs balcony looking over Belair National Park. water pipe, deserts... 24 hours on the train.
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