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Reclaim The Streets, Sydney

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Reclaim The Streets in Sydney, April 2006. Here's a quick pile of photos to give you a rough idea of what happened. I'll do a better set tomorrow. Honest. Photos contributed by Josh and someone whose name I forget but who let me grab copies. Thanks! Radical Cheerleaders and more photos

Darling Harbour at the start Quick chat before we get going Moving off to the tunnel exit ShityRail "enforcement" playing twister under the street lies the beach ShittyRail radical cheerleaders Daleks... wheely good sound systems are mulitplying and will soon take over. RTS more roads are not the answer riding off towards Willian St happiness is peace with anarchy (banner) Reclaim the Streets. If you want to change the city you have to control the streets tunnel to nowhere a fire engine came through the middle of the group at one point, and everyone cleared out of the way impressively quickly. we don't hate the bought media, but we do enjoy poking fun at them. Lee Rhiannon from the Greens speaks Renegade Parade T shirt. I want one! Tunnel Closed banner Reclaim the Streets T shirt Ride a bike. And other chalked messages Luke
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